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We all need some downtime from the daily grind that we go through in our hectic daily schedule and a little parlour time is just what we all need to unwind ourselves. We at Raman Beauty & Aesthetics are specialized in the most advance treatments to energize and rejuvenate your body, skin and hair to fight fatigue, anxiety, sleep deprivation or immunity issue. We invite you to experience nothing but bliss with the finest beauty & wellness services.Here at Raman Beauty & Aesthetics we have tried to maintain our ethos of authentic Indian traditional wellness & beauty treatments and discerning ourselves with the most advanced western treatments for brows, eyelashes and skin to bring out your true natural self. We are Manchester's only beauty studio to make you look always beautiful and always natural. Our treatments are deep rooted so it bring everyday's perfection without everyday's effort.We are proud that within a very short period from our inception, we enjoy a very loyal clientale that ranges from all walks of life and of all ages, viz., students, jetsetters, businesswomen and businessmen. Here you can transcend to a state of bliss and connect with yourself again. Our extensive list of services are designed with your every need in mind and are defined to rejuvenate and reinvigorate your senses.Our clients completely rely on us as their Beauty Assistant to inspire them, to curate the finest products and services suited to their personal needs, image and personality. And we in turn make sure that they stay at their natural best beauty every day of their future as well.